Eye checks

If we get our eyes checked regularly, once every two years, at our local opticians, then any problems with our eyes can be detected and may be treatable.

At home

Some household cleaning products can cause a serious burn. Do not play with dangerous chemicals such as detergents, mouthwash, nail polish remover or hairspray for example. If you are helping your parents with cleaning, make sure all spray nozzles are pointed away from your face. Paper clips, elastic bands or wire coat hangers can cause a serious eye injury.

Sharp objects

Do not run with forks, knives or combs or other sharp objects. If you trip, the object could enter your eye and damage it. Only use sharp pencils or scissors in your parent’s presence.

In the garden

If someone is mowing the lawn, do not play around this area as stones and other objects can be thrown from the moving blades into your eyes.

At school

Always wear safety goggles when doing experiments at school.
Don’t throw sand or dangerous objects at your friend’s faces; it can hurt their eyes.

Playing sports

Ask your parents to find out what the best type of sports eye guard for the sports that you play and wear it each time you play. If you are playing ball games, remember that the impact of smaller balls in golf or squash for example, are particularly dangerous to your eyes.

Playing with toys

  • Avoid toy weapons that shoot or include parts that fly off.
  • Launching water balloons with slingshots can cause a serious eye injury.
  • Do not aim for your friends face or eyes when playing with water guns.
  • Do not throw toys or objects at your friends.


Protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Wear sunglasses that fit you well and provide 100 per cent UV filter of both UVA and UVB rays. Reflection from water, snow and sand can have higher UV exposure. Protect your eyes when you are on the beach, boating, skiing or snowboarding. UV rays are higher during midday hours, from 10am to 3pm and during the summer months.


Do not use fireworks. They are illegal and dangerous. Only attend authorised public firework displays organised by licensed operators in your parent’s presence.

In the car

Always wear your seatbelt to reduce the risk to your eyes. An impact to the head or eye can cause a serious eyesight problem.

Don’t start smoking

Smoking doubles your chances of sight loss in later life.